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Conquering Fear on a Via Ferrata in Canada, Perceptive Travel

Can We Save a Wakefield Forest? 

Rape, Infidelity and the Detonation of a Marriage: Interview with Novelist Amanda Boyden, National Post

Naxos Nights (a ghost story with a scientific explanation)

Why Everyone Loves a Good Story: The Science of Storytelling

Enduring Winter, WanderingWakefield

Bike Utopia in the Netherlands, Huffington Post USA

The Great Mustang Chocoholic Road Trip, Discovery (Cathay Pacific’s inflight magazine)

Self-Publishing: An Insult to the Written Word? Huffington Post USA

9 Things I Learned About OCD from My Son, Huffington Post USA

Arm Your Kids with Something Subversive: History Lessons, Huffington Post

The Girl in the Cave, The Guardian

My Cyberstalker, xoJane

It Has Been 3 Years Since We Got Our Son Back From OCD, Huffington Post

What It’s Like To Be Cyberstalked, The Guardian

How We Saved Our Son From OCD, Macleans magazine

Fighting Symmetry, The Walrus

What Writing Gives Me, QWF

Paddling the Missouri, GoNomad

Lives Lived, Globe and Mail

Pondering Happiness in Bhutan, Perceptive Travel (first published in USA Today)

Strange Harbour, Caribbean Travel + Life

Soaking In Chardonnay, Toronto Star

Humble in the Jungle: Exploring Guyana’s Rainforest, Perceptive Travel

With A Helicopter’s Help: Paradise Found, Globe and Mail

The Altered States of Sedona,

On the Road Again, Globe and Mail

Go Climb a Tree, Globe and Mail

The Back of the Bus,

Hold the Enlightenment, Globe and Mail

You Travel Like Your Mom, Vancouver Sun

The Almighty Bruce, Canadian Geographic

Sedona: Is the Whole Town Built on a Hoax? 

Yukon Summer Sky,

The Metamorphosis: Carefree World Traveler, then Mother, Perceptive Travel

A Science-Phobe Finds Fascination in Northern Ontario’s Nickel City, Canadian Geographic

Love Under the Midnight Sun, National Post

Hard class across Sumatra, Globe and Mail

A Backpacker’s Baby Blues, Globe and Mail

All The Lost Girls and Boys, National Post

Sitting On A Sedona Vortex, Los Angeles Times

Naxos Nights,

Bali Moon,